Finally it rained today.  After several months of dry weather, living in this rainforest was more like living in a desert.  Creeks and rivers are drying up, and my garden needs more watering than ever.   But for more selfish reasons, I needed some of this comforting rain to ease my anxiety.  You see rain soothes me and sometimes the sun feels too hot.  Part of the reason I moved to the coast was to be in the presence of rain.

Today and yesterday all I wanted to do was eat junk food.  Lucky for me, I don’t have much of it in the house anymore (and I live 2 long, bumpy hours from the nearest grocery store).  I replaced all my high calorie temptations with cardboard-like snack foods.  Not only is the tastelessness of these treats a real turn off, but as well so is the price of guiltless gourmet.  Anyway, nonetheless I still hit them up in a feeble attempt to feed my emotions.  I still can’t figure out exactly what it is that I’m suppose to gain from over eating, so it’s still a question I ponder.  So for now I observe and do my best to curb or ignore the needy pangs.

Come 3pm though, all I wanted was swiss chard.  I have plenty of it in my garden, so I went out and cut and grabbed a bunch.  I had visions in my head of a giant plate of crispy garlic and steamed swiss chard.  But I knew this wouldn’t fill me up, so I expanded my thoughts and decided pasta would be the way to go.  I like my pasta 1:3 to sauce.  I love sauce.  So I decided to make a swiss chard sauce.

Here’s the result: