Yesterday I made baba ganoush for the first time in many, many years. I had been eyeing up the eggplants at Costco for some time and finally decided to bite the bullet. There are 4 to a bag, so I put 2 into a delicious pasta sauce and the other 2 I roasted.

It took hardly any time at all to roast up those babys. I think it was about 1/2 hour or something, and since I was distracted with something else, the wait time for them to cool took no time at all. Then I mashed them with tahini, garlic and a bit of oil, and there is was, just like that (oh and I added roasted flaxseeds, just to enhance it). But what to do with it??

Anyway tonight I decided to make chicken wraps with baba ganoush. I sliced up 2 breasts, coated with crushed rice puff cereal (mixed with Mrs. Dash), and baked them up. So easy. During the bake time I sliced up half a ball of soft mozzarella, a couple of ripe tomatoes, sprinkled with thai basil and drizzled with olive oil. Extra easy. Kyle and I sampled the salad and decided that it was delicious. It wasn’t busting with flavour, but it was soft and creamy with a bit of bite. Yummy.

The wraps were awesome too. We used flax wraps and filled them up with baba ganoush, chicken, and spinach. Next time I think sliced mango would improve the tastiness, but otherwise they were filling and we felt healthy. I didn’t bother to take a photo of the wrap, because heck it’s wrap… you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.