Well, well, well… what do we have here?

On one of my recent trips to the lower mainland, me and a couple of gals went out for dinner at a so-so Japanese restaurant in Port Moody (I actually wanted to leave), before heading out for some shopping. Among other things on the blah menu, I noticed that all but two sushi rolls had crab in it. (Crazy gravy.) However, what my friend Karri noticed, was the “volcano roll”… a deep friend roll with cream cheese, crab (of course) and something else (but can’t remember), built into a mountain held up and together by a mound of spicy tuna lumped into the middle (the lava). Here’s a picture:

Not pretty, I know, but you know what? The spicy tuna was the highlight of not only the roll, but of the total sum of all four individual meals. Nuff said.