That there, this thing is suppose to be Herbed Goat Cheese Souffle… and I suppose that it still is. However, it doesn’t look as good as it sounds, does it? (Don’t worry I can take the truth.) I was gifted a subscription to Canadian Living this Christmas and this is one of the recipes that I have made thus far. I woke up this morning and thought, “I should make something different for breakfast”. And considering it’s Sunday, I thought that this meal ought to take more time than say, peanut butter toast. And not only that, but we still have 2 dozen eggs, because we purchased our eggs from Costco and I’m not as interested in wasting them for a third time. (Next time we’re only buying 12. I swear.)

Considering I have never made a souffle before, I thought I did pretty good. Not bad for a first time, eh? I have to say that my favourite was whipping up the 8 egg whites (until peaks formed) and imagining that I was going to make meringues instead of souffle. (I love those things!) I also had fun adding impromtu red onions and instead of using goat cherve, using goat brie instead. I feel so creative when I “replace” and “add” to “kitchen tested” recipes. I feel a lot like Jamie Oliver, only a bit less famous, but equally as gifted.

As it turned out my boyfriend raved about the souffle. He loved it! He thought it was a masterpiece and one of my best breakfast creations… ever. Me on the other hand, I nearly gagged all three times I swallowed it. It was too eggy for me and waaaaaay too rich. Truthfully, other than meringues (which I lurve totally!), I’m not the biggest egg fan. How we have ended up buying all those dozens of eggs, all this time from Costco, I will never know. Kyle loves eggs though and I love making food that he loves. So for him I was pleased and for me, two pieces of toast with peanut butter.