It’s not every day that I invent a dish, but today it was appropriate. After spending all day (literally) outside in the jungle-garden-of-a-yard-that-we-rent, we were hungry. Really, really hungry. So we bought two expensive steaks (which were okay, not amazing), a few potatoes, and that’s about it. Knowing that that isn’t really a complete dinner, I decided over my T3 to whip up an invention. Kyle loved the final result and reviewed the dish as “great!” He also suggested that I name it, but frankly I was too tired to invent a cool name too.

So here’s what I did:

Chopped up about 5 white potatoes and put them in the microwave for 6 min. (By the way, 6 min is my microwave potato standard.) Put them in a small square dish with minced garlic, 1/2 chopped up red onion, some chopped lovage (from our garden), chopped spinach, and covered it all with whipping cream. Then I cut up a couple of pieces of left-over garlic bread from the night before and put that on top of the potato mixture. Then finally topped it off with grated cheddar cheese and baked it at 400 degrees for awhile. (I think it was 1/2 hour, but it could have gone longer, since some of the potatoes were still crunchy.)

Actually when you think of it, this dish practically invented itself. Really, how could you go wrong with that list of ingredients?