This is another recipe that makes me feel equally like a pro and an addict all at the same time. This ‘Chocolate Tart’ can be found in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook and it’s easier than easy to make. (For real, if you haven’t heard of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution already, please check it out. Trust me, if you care about food, this will mean something to you.)

Okay, back to the obsessive quality of this tart.

You can’t go wrong with pastry, nuts, dried fruit and dark, dark chocolate, can you?  (Don’t bother telling me if you can.) A word of warning: this dessert will bring out the crazy in you AND will enhance your experience of living with a heavy dose of cocoa caffiene. Mind you, you aren’t obligated to consume monster portions (like I did), but I challenge you to only sample a tiny square inch slice. I challenge you to leave this tart alone between meals. I challenge you to share! And I advise you not to bother with this recipe if you’re on a diet.