… and it’s delicious!

Okay, so last night I was perusing Chow Times (a community kitchen blog from Richmond BC) and came across a recipe called, Five Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug. Hmmmm, seeing how I am currently riding the dark-chocolate-recipe-bus, I decided to give it a try. What the heck, I got 5 minutes, sure. Plus, I lurve impromptu chocolate cake!

Let me tell you, the cake is amazing! Talk about moist, chocolaty, creamy, pudding-ish madness! I feel almost compelled to apologise to those folks who are trying their very hardest to resist dessert temptation, but I can’t… I just can’t. BAA HA HA!

Not only is this recipe something you can easily make on a whim (so watch out!), you could also do this with your kids. It’s easy and there’s a lot of room for modification. For instance, you could add peanut butter or nuts or cream cheese or coffee or icing. How about banana or apple or pear? Really, your imagination is your only limitation and what better way to teach fun cooking. The ingredients aren’t that unhealthy either. You could replace the oil with apple sauce, the sugar with something I’m sure, and the egg with a replacement, but as it is it’s not bad. Think of it like a friendly sweet dose of antioxidants! Use quality dark chocolate, oil and eggs and you won’t be kidding yourself.