This is the newest member of our white trash backyard concrete patio.  I say this with endearment, even though I chose not to insert the photos of us BBQ-ing, because in the background our landlord’s  brother-in-law’s white sedan sits, parked on our patio.  (There is also a rusty weight set and two stacks of waste wood, with nails sticking out of them, that also reside on our patio.  And then there’s all the weeds, but hey, that’s another blog.)

Anyway, this is our new BBQ!

It was a tough decision to make:  Should we go gas?  Should we go charcoal?  However, in the end we decided on the old fashioned kind.  Actually thinking back, I don’t even think the original argument was charcoal or gas, but rather ‘how much do we want to spend on a gas BBQ?’  My thinking seriously shifted though whilst reading Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie At Home” and he said, and I quote: “For me, barbecuing is one of the most evocative, honest and natural ways to cook food.”  Then several sentences later: “If you’re a real barbecue connoisseur…”  (Notice the word IF here!) “…My main advice, though, is not to buy an electric or gas barbie.  That’s just cheating.”

Well you’re preaching to the choir Jamie, because I’m an honest, evocative connoisseur, who doesn’t cheat, but takes advice.  Or so I like to pride myself.  Then after a bit of convincing Kyle that he too was like me and like Jamie, off we went to Canadian Tire to make our purchase.  We chose the bright green one.

Since last week, we have since evolved our starting methods (we now own a BBQ chimney, but we haven’t used it due to ongoing rain) and hopefully have left the ‘scrap yard sticks’ method as a thing of the past.  To date, we have barbecued 2 steaks and re-heated some left-over vegetables.  And in the future we plans for a couple of racks of ribs (purchased long, long ago), a few more steaks and it’s a dream of mine to barbecue a pizza.

Don’t fret, I promise to post some pics of the chimney.