The word “samosa” brings up a lot of happy, tasty thoughts for me. Who doesn’t LOVE samosas?? (Answer: only crazy people. 🙂 ) Yet, who loves making samosas? I certainly don’t, as made obvious by my track record… I made them once, when I was 22 and an eager cook with a lot of time to multi-task for hours in the kitchen. (Besides, I think samosas are more of a community recipe… much for fun to make with people or for people.  I definitely look forward to cooking some in the future… anyone up for it?) Anyway, my early 20’s have long past and since I’m not overly interested in feeling guilty for not wanting to independently whip together the pastries, fillings, dips and all the rest that comes with making samosas, wontons, turnovers, ravoli and the rest of the lot (you know what I’m taking about), when I found a recipe for “Samosa Style Potatoes and Peas“, I was giddy.

To be fair, no it’s not a real samosa, but damn it’s close.  Yes, the pastry is missing, but so are the billions of calories that come with pastry.  So let it go and enjoy this easy, quick, delicious recipe.  And if you have chutney kicking around, your potatoes will love it.

The second dish in the bowl (I know it’s hard to tell there are two dishes here), is “Ground Meat Curry“. This is fantastic too and easy, easy, easy to make. I’ve made it twice now and it has proven to be a great thing to have in the fridge. Think: quick curry wraps, reheated left-overs, a small snack, etc. It holds its taste beautifully, however you may want to add more spinach to freshen it up.