Anyone ever tried to lose weight before? (Kind of a stupid question, eh?) Well to be honest, this is new concept/challenge for me. Once upon a time, weight wasn’t an issue. In a time far away, I used to climb at least 3 times a week and go to Ashtanga yoga the rest of the time. I rode my bike a lot and I could eat whatever I wanted. In fact, it used to be a climbing tradition to eat ice cream from Dairy Queen at the end of day. I knew it wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but who cared… I was active, fit and strong. Then I got into 2 car accidents, which eventually led to back surgery and permanent nerve damage, which led to atrophy of my core muscles, which led to “comfort eating”, and then there was another accident more recently, and on and on, which led me to where I am today… overweight.

(To be honest, I seriously contemplated whether I not I should write “overweight” about myself, here in this blog. Not because it isn’t true, but rather, because it’s hard to swallow. It’s uncomfortable to accept and really uncomfortable to be frank about. And unhappily, it’s one of those things that doesn’t seem to be disappearing on it’s own.)

I’ve always had a big appetite, but was active enough to work it off. Naturally I’m one of those people with a lot of energy, so it was depressing when I was unable to move the same way due to injuries. Plus, it just seemed that my body was getting worse and falling apart as each year passed. But after 6 years, I feel like I am finally able to take back some of the control of my body, injuries and all, but I need to be healthier and I need to be slimmer. That is just a fact.

In the last 3 years, since my surgery, I have gained 40 lbs (yikes!) and believe me, it doesn’t do me any friken favours either.  Packing that kind of excess weight on an arthritic spine with slipping discs is an (another) accident waiting to happen. ( Seriously.) As well, this heavier version of myself is not my body. I can’t move the same, bend the same or relax the same. I need movement and fitness, and I need my body back.

So I’m losing weight and have great success with it thus far! I have committed myself to Vega and the Thrive in 30 plan. Actually it was when I was reading about Thomasina Pidgeon that I was inspired to achieve my goal of getting my body back. You might wonder, why Thomasina? Well you see, I’ve seen her climb a lot. She used to climb in Victoria at Flemming Beach and I was always inspired by her focus, ability, and strength. Of course, I used to see her in Squamish too and I believe that is where one can find her and her daughter these days.  She is an amazing boulderer and is making her historical mark in Canadian Climbing History.  Little does she know how much her story has push started me.

Oh ya, so back to the shake!  This little thing is only needs two scoops of Vega Whole Food Optimizer (not shown in the picture, because it looked gross) and TA DA! a breakfast meal! It’s great, healthy, slimming, and complete. I feel good and stronger and, dare I say, 7 pounds lighter. That’s right baby, I’m losing the pounds!