If you answered ‘yes’, good for you! Cuz, salad is good for you and even better when it’s local. We just received our veggie box, at our doorstep, this morning and woot!, HELLO GREENS!! As Jamie Oliver writes in ‘Jamie at Home’, “I’m completely addicted to green salad. Even the most humble, basic one, with a few added herbs, can be a treat if dressed properly”. I concur, though, I’m not sure if I could ever disagreed with Jamie O… tehe.

Loaded with lots of nutrients and comfort, salads pack that amazing energy that can only come from plants.  Think about it for a second: isn’t a fresh salad with lovely dressing fantastic?  I think so and from what I’ve gathered from previous dinner chit-chat, the beautiful salad is what really prompts that ohhhhs and ahhhs at the table.  And just to be clear, the ‘beautiful salad’ that I’m describing here is not ‘the big green salad for lunch‘ or the ‘big salad for dinner‘ salad, I’m talking about adding a salad to a your amazing meal.  Not to say you can’t have salad as a meal, but it would need to be hardy (with some protein) otherwise you’ll be hungry.  A basic bowl of salad for a meal, is basically going to leave you feeling starved and unsatisfied, and that’s not the goal.

If you can, I highly recommend getting your greens from your garden or a local farmer.  My garden greens get munched before they bud (thanks snails), so I have an organic box come to my house.  Truthfully, I would rather go to a farmer’s market here in Nanaimo, but I haven’t really found one to be honest.  In Victoria, I used to go to Moss St. Market religiously, so it’s new to have stuff brought to me.  Even though I miss the market atmosphere, but I am digging the SURPRISE factor of  a box! Talk about exciting…