Ta da!  Another salad!  Yummmm.  I call this one, “Mixed Greens Topped with Semi-Pickled Radishes and Cucumbers, with Japanese-Inspired Dressing”.  Delicious, truly.

Seriously, now that I subscribe to a weekly, delivered, local vegetable box, every Sunday bunches of FRESHNESS show up at my door and in turn, I am expected to eat it all.  (I put this expectation upon myself by the way.)  Even though I have 7 days to complete the mission, I can barely keep up with the task.  In spite of steaming and/or stir-frying and/or chopping up the greens and adding it to anything and everything I’m a cooking, a big salad (almost) everyday is one way to keep on top of the crispness.

I have traditionally believed that salad needed to be a mix of lettuce with chopped tomatoes, radishes, green onions, and green peppers on top.  The dressing of my youth always defaulted to Thousand Island and I loved fake bacon bits with boxed croutons.  Wow, talk about the old days and talk about spending foreva! whipping up a salad (ultimately an unhealthy one at that).  However, I have since learned that if I want to get through a box of fresh greens every week and I want to get a salad in me, enough of the fussing and on with simplicity.  I have discovered that salad doesn’t have to have absolutely everything in it.  It in fact can take all but 5 minutes to prepare.  That’s dreamy and tasty… and good.