I live on Vancouver Island for Pete’s Sake and how often do I eat Salmon??  Let’s just say, not enough and I’m embarrassed frankly.

Everyone knows salmon is a super food and that it’s really REALLY good for you.  Right?  Plus, in this part of BC (or the world for that matter) it is no harder to get fresh from a store, than it is to find a package of ordinary pork chops or the potato chip aisle.  So what’s the lazy deal?  What’s worse,  I totally love salmon.  Actually, looking at this picture makes me wish I had this for dinner all the time!  Why, why, why don’t I purchase it more often???

I ask this question to myself all the time and I guess one day, I’ll just snap outta it and make salmon a regular on my menu.  There are so many amazing foods that actually store power and energy, and yet, sometimes it’s hard to commit to them.  True, salmon will cost ya, but so will heart disease, obesity and the rest of the crew.  True, salmon needs to be cooked the day you buy it, so make it part of the plan, Stan.  Ahhh, the human mind versus the human diet, or normal versus average.  Truthfully, it’s normal to eat well and to eat for energy, and it’s average to eat whatever, whenever and to “pretend-to-forget” that salmon (and the like) is good for you (for me, I should say… I should speak for everyone).

I know we all know what’s good for us and I know that we all love good food.  So what’s the hang-up?