Okay, so at my work I’m part of the social committee and every month we host a potluck, along with a birthday cake celebration.  (Honestly up until this month, I had never attended any of them before and felt somewhat bad about it, sort of.)  I think it’s fair to say that these days we are up against some serious challenges and staff morale has been touch-and-go for the last couple of months.  Because these food celebrations are voluntary and because fewer and fewer people are attending, I decided to “theme” the potluck.  Of course, I’m not genius at this, so I consulted the internet.  In fact, I googled almost word for word, “potluck themes”.

The theme that really grabbed me was the “Dish with the First Letter of Your Name” theme.  There were many more themes, but they sounded too involved and the goal was to bring us together, not make us work harder than we already are.  Plus, there was an awesome online recipe reference, as to make the whole decision process THAT MUCH easier!

Long story short, we did it and it was fun!  The dishes that were presented were really neat and we had a good laugh talking about the process.  Some folks didn’t end up making what they had intended, some folks didn’t realize there was a theme and some folks actually cooked, instead of purchased.  Hahaha… but no matter, the point was to bring us together.  Mission accomplished.