I went to the Farmer’s Market today here in Nanaimo (I don’t know what it’s called) and what I’ve noticed so far, is that every Saturday there are different vendures.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just different than what I’m used to.  Not to be like, “Oh well… I’m from Victoria where the Saturday Markets are consistent, rain or shine“, as this is just another quirky little Nanaimo thing-y I’m getting used to.  It’s good, it’s allll good.

Anyway today, TO MY LUCK, Fairy Cakes had a table loaded with cupcakes!!  Talk about awesome!  I don’t know about you, but I have a hard AND difficult time cruising by and ignoring homemade cupcakes.  Aren’t they the best?  Especially beautiful handcrafted cupcakes that instinctively you know taste the way they look… stunning!  Being all casual, I breezed by (I had to, it was right at the entrance) and grabbed all my essential healthy vegetables… FIRST.

As you can see, I really stocked up on squash, beans, potatoes, cucumbers and swiss chard.  However, I purchased only one bulb of garlic (now that I’m at home, I wished I bought more), but I think I was distracted.  I wanted a darn cupcake.  You know how it is.

When I finally situated myself in front of the Fairy Table, with full bags of essential healthy vegetables in hand (and on shoulder), there were only two flavours left: banana and coffee.  (These little cakes had far more sophisticated names than that, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were.)  Apparently, the other two flavours, lemonaide and something else, sold like hotcakes… ha ha ha.  But as if I cared, what’s gone is gone baby and I like BOTH banana and coffee.  Then I was informed that if I filled out a survey, I would received a FREE CUPCAKE.  Oh, okay… I can fill out a survey that asks me all about my desire for little cakes.  Is that all?  Talk about easy.

At the end of my survey, I acquired a free cupcake and I purchased a second one.  The cakes came in the cutest little containers with little flower cut-outs on top that can be planted in the garden.  These tiny blossoms are actually wild flower seeds… isn’t that cute?  (I put them on the plate in front of the cupcake to show you.)  Then I had to motor to the mall, to go buy some dresses (I lead a tough life).   Sarah, the owner, told me that my cupcakes would be fine in the car while I shopped and she was right!  I love tough, pretty beauties that stick up for themselves… we girls gotta be like that, don’t we?  *snicker*

At home, I sort of inhaled the coffee cupcake (thus no photo) and decided to hold off on the banana one for at least an hour.  Out of the two, I preferred the banana, but that’s only a taste thing.  Both cupcakes were delicious, and were made with real dairy ingredients and love.  I could taste that.  The icing wasn’t too sweet, as I find most icing to be and I managed to eat all of it, which says a lot coming from me.  As I’m the girl that usually only eats the cake and cuts the icing off to the side.

The bottom line: if you have a chance and you live in the hood, definitely check out her website and definitely buy a cupcake!  And it don’t matter if you’re on a stinkin’ diet… forget about it for a Saturday 🙂