In my fridge, I had leftovers of lots of squash and pork from last night’s dinner.  Yesterday I decided on a whim that I wanted to have a “taste testing of squash” (I had bought two different ones and wanted to compare them side-by-side) and thus cooked plenty, if not more than enough.  Last evening, I had cooked my squash with apples, turnip, cinnamon, nutmeg, a little bit of butter and smashed garlic, so today I had to work with those particular Autumn seasonings in mind.  The pork, on the other hand, was basic and baked simply with slices of apple, salt and pepper.

I have a HUGE apple tree in the backyard that is ridiculously large.  Even with a ladder, it’s really too high to harvest.  However, apples don’t fall far from the tree so whenever I want, I just go outside, gather a few and cut away the bruises.  They’re completely delicious, so why not?  Glee’na loves them too and it keeps her annoying kitchen habits at bay when I throw her a slice or two (or maybe that is why she’s so bad in the kitchen… hmmmm… anyway, this isn’t a blog about positive reinforcement and dog training).

For tonight’s meal I decided to cook some rice, pick up three apples off the ground, chop up my apples and leftover food and then mix it all together.  It was an easy, healthy thing to do and sometimes that’s all I feel like doing.  Now that isn’t very special is it?  And you know, sometimes cooking isn’t.  Sometimes cooking is basic and tasty, but nothing that blows your mind.  But that’s okay.  I mean, who has the time or energy to bedazzle and outdo themselves every meal?  Admittedly I used to have that kind of steam, but these days… not so much.  Anyway, that’s why they invented sauce and sometimes you have to work it.  Trick of the trade: when your meal is uninteresting, focus on the sauce.

I decided that I wanted a yummy vinaigrette to stir into my dish, because that always breaks the bland.  I learned last night that pork and pickle-y flavours do not go well, as I served mine with a homemade mustard relish.  BLUGH!  It’s a miserable combination and it does nothing for poor pork chops!  (I suppose this is why apple sauce is most often served as it’s accompaniment and being that I eat pork so rarely, I hadn’t really put two and two together before.)  So for my sauce, I knew it had to be sweet and complimentary.

In my little canning jar I put the usual olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, and then… a dollop of apple sauce.  Did you know that you can put applesauce in vinaigrette?  Me neither.  Isn’t that crazy??  I shook the creative insanity and then mixed it into my dish.  I have to say I was a little reluctant, because if I blew the dressing, the meal was now going to be slightly boring with a lunatic sauce.  That would not be good and I dread suppers of that nature.  However, my fretting was a waste of thoughts and instead, WOW OH WOW… my meal turned instantly from “meh” to “yes”.  Just like that.  As easy as that.

The dish was very good indeed, but in the future I think some chives or green onions would be a great addition.  It needs some tweaking that’s for sure and I’m okay with that.  (Actually, I think I mentally tweak every meal that I eat.)  Overall I’m pleased with the results and I was stoked about my jar dressing.  Tonight the hero of the dish was the apple sauce and it pulled everything together, like a positive Team Captain.  Go-oooo apples!