One morning I woke up and was asked what I want for breakfast. I had already consumed my bowl of bedside almonds and needed some food ASAP. (Women who have been pregnant know exactly what I’m talking about. The ASAP is a non-negotiable and the food request is the same.) Anyway, my response was banana pancakes. Do I even like pancakes in my normal state? Ummm, noooooo. Never mind adding smooshy bananas to them. But I’m pregnant now and banana pancakes sound utterly delicious and I want them now as I write this.

Not only are pancakes overly filling (which is a quality I normally loathe), but when bananas are added they are somewhat nutritious. Or at least 10 times better than crackers and besides, I always have my prenatal vitamin to pick up where I can’t eat. (Ahhh, the prenatal vitamin.) Anyway, this is what I tell myself and having a positive frame of mind can really take a person places, especially when she’s feeling that she is not eating enough greens (yack), omegas (barf), vegetables (ugh) and healthy snacks (whatev). Everything is off these days, including my taste in food, but I’m better for it somehow. Yes, it will all make perfect sense one day, why I can’t eat like a health nut whilst pregnant, but I can do it the rest of the time. Dread!, no it doesn’t make sense, but apparently this is all very normal. Phew… I suppose.  But still I’m a bit pissy that my food habits have changed this drastically.

Rob made me these pancakes and even though these ones are slightly overcooked, it doesn’t bother me in the least. All that matters is that they are hot and have lots of melted butter on them. But no syrup and certainly no peanut butter, like the way Rob eats them. Gross-oh-la, peanut butter on banana pancakes! So gross I make him close the jar, so I can’t smell it. Sometimes, I just eat in the other room to keep my meal pure and as bland as possible. Oh the joy of breakfast.