Well, well things have certainly changed since I became pregnant 9 weeks ago. One of the most obvious changes is my desire for food. I haven’t really bothered to blog as of late, because who wants to read about dry toast, cereal (with soy milk, ugh not *real* milk) and/or corn nuts? These have been my staple foods over the last couple of weeks since all-day sickness kicked in. Oh, also plain popcorn, almonds and crackers have been a big part of my diet. Mind you, if I eat one more cracker, I’m gonna lose my crackers… literally.

My first trimester has been a lot like being on a rocky boat 24-7, out in the wide open sea void landmarks, during storm season. It has been somewhat of a rough go and to make matters more nauseating, I have been hungrier than ever this whole time. Sick and starving, a very odd match indeed. To add to the magic, everything has tasted funny. Some say it takes metallic, but I realize now that that is just a fancy descriptive word that describes nothing. More like everything tastes crappy and if one wants to analyze and find the perfect descriptor, be my guest. But really, tastes like sh*t is good enough for me. Tastes like makes-me-want-to-vomit is another good choice. Speaking of which, then it came that everything I ate, sent me to the bathroom to bring it all back up. Anyway, long story short, my midwife prescribed Diclectin and my life has been a lot more normal. Sigh.

With that normality, I’m able again to cook and eat foods that I actually like. Like this soup, in our new soup pot! I decided this would be the first blog of my pregnancy, because I’m still snacking on this soup 3 bowls later! Yum yum. However, as a side, this is no guarantee that I will desire this soup ever again. That is another symptom of my pregnancy, one-hit-wonder-meals. Once I eat something once, that’s it forever. I dunno why this is so, but it makes meal planning completely impossible. Oh, and no I did not read about this phenomenon in any of my pregnancy books.

Anyway, this soup was really good. It’s basic and has one of my favourite ingredients of all time: sausage with casing removed. For some reason I feel like an honest chef when add this to my meals. Like I have some secret knowledge about sausage or something. I feel similarly when I add cilantro stems too. Damn those stems are good and they add complexity that isn’t overwhelming. I’m actually a bigger fan of the stems, than I am of the leaves, which says a lot, because I love the leaves.

Basically this soup is onions, garlic, black beans, canned tomatoes, carrots, celery, water, chicken broth, oregano, smoked paprika, cilantro stems and sausage out of the casings. Nothing too fancy, but enough that I can stomach it. At least for today.