Another meat item from our meat order: the chuck steak.  I have to say, when I first opened this puppy I was slightly revolted.  It was huge, like Flintstone huge and embedded with many bones, that seemed to be in all the wrong places.  Do tell, where in the hell in the cow was this number cut from?  It was heavy, big and I had my doubts.  So I hit the internet.

What came up on Google was testament after testament about how low the quality of beef chuck steak was… I mean, is.  Ugh, I have a thing for rib eyes and have been known to drop lots of cash on them, so this was like slightly traumatic and worrisome.  But sticking to my inspiration about learning how to cook new kinds of meats, I pulled myself together and hoped for the best.

The first thing I did was sort out a decent marinade and I found one the internet, but it was really nothing special.  It was something like white wine vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar, oil, garlic… you know, the usual.  So I crammed the hunk of low grade into the pan, poured the sauce on and then disposed of it in the fridge.  THE PLAN was to let it marinate overnight and cook it the next day for supper, but I totally procrastinated on it.  Instead I let it go for 5 days, flipping it religiously twice  day and found ways to avoid cooking it altogether.  Looking back, I think I was unconsciously putting it off so I didn’t have to eat it.  Amazing what the mind will do.  Anyway, the fifth day I knew I had to cook it.

I thought baking potatoes as a side dish and garlic bread would help brighten the meal, in the case that the chuck steak was horrible.  So with that in mind, we prepared the potatoes and bread, and threw the meat in a pan to slow cook for an hour.  And wouldn’t you know it, it smelled fantastic!  (Though it could have been the garlic or I don’t know….  I still wasn’t feeling hopeful.)  An hour passed and out of hunger we had to eat.  I took the time to cut the bones out of the steak for myself, but handed over a primitive piece (bone intact) to my b-friend.  Let’s just say, the look of his plate made me giggle.

As it turned out the steak wasn’t that bad.  It was perfectly tender (thanks to several days marinating), but I actually didn’t like the marinade (it just wasn’t amazing).  Also, the texture of the meat was a different than what I was used to, but that’s okay, it didn’t kill me.  Next time I might use the same type of marinade, but cook it in another sauce.  Actually BBQ sauce might be good.  As well, I will use the bones to make a beef broth, after all there is enough of them!

In closing I am happy to make this again.  I’m sure there is a way to perfect it and it’s good practice to get away from the expensive cuts all the time.  Having said that though, I will purchase rib eyes again, just not every time.