Last night was burger night at our house!  Needless to say, I had a craving, especially after eating a bunch of fast food versions as of late.  We’ve been traveling a lot over the last couple of weeks and burger joints seem to be everywhere.  Nothing compares to great sushi though… or korean.  Which too, I have eaten plenty of.

So back to my craving.  All I really really really wanted yesterday was a great burger with blue cheese and balsamic onions.  So much, I could NOT get it off my mind!  So I decided to just do it and we hit the grocery store and purchased what we needed for our burgers.  On the side, Rob didn’t want a blue cheese burger (he didn’t have the craving), but instead wanted a fried egg burger instead.  Anyway I took a picture of it too, since his looked pretty tasty as well.  Though, I would never whip one up myself (… she says this now).

I’m pretty impressed actually that I’m starting to desire food again.  It wasn’t that long ago (like maybe even 2 weeks or something), when all I wanted was peanut butter toast or a bunch of almonds.  Eating for the first 4 months of my pregnancy has been hellish and baffling as well.  Suddenly, I despised anything green and I morphed into the ultimate carb-woman.  I don’t know how many loaves of bread I ate, but it was A LOT.  Too much probably, but it was either that or barf-a-rama.  And throwing up doesn’t trump toast.

The burger platter that I prepared also included Southern Pecan and Apple Salad and rosemary fries.  Both of which were dead easy.  I changed the salad recipe slightly, in that I used romaine lettuce (which I love) and ditched the radicchio (I had some chopped radicchio handy too, but UGH, soooo bitter).

Easy rosemary fries:

A few potatoes
Sea salt
Olive oil
Couple tbsp of chopped rosemary
Oven temp 400 degrees (or maybe 450… I can’t remember)

The trick is to cut your potatoes mindfully, so that they look like fancy french fries. I’m usually super lazy cutting potatoes, so this was a test of my patience. After you chop, toss everything in a bowl and lay out in a single layer the potatoes (no stacking of any sort). Cook for 30 – 40 min, turning once. Voila!

Balsamic onions (also very easy):

Thinly slice an onion and cook slowly over med heat with olive oil. After 15 min or so, add a tbsp or so of balsamic vinegar and the same amount of brown sugar. Let cook another 5 min. Done.

You know, I would make this again in a New York minute.